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Association to support the Nishiwaki Fund

​We are active as the main group that supports the Nishiwaki Foundation.​

Nishiwaki Fund cheering party

From 2019​ We are working as a sub of the association that supports the Nishiwaki Foundation.​

Special circumstances of this year-Impact on prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infection-

This year, there is a possibility that you will be asked to cancel the performance or refrain from doing so due to the disaster caused by the new coronavirus infectious disease. In that case, you can choose from three options regarding the handling of the ticket price reserved in advance.

1. Ask for a refund.

2. On the same day next year, we will reserve a charity performance at the same venue and the same performance, so we will change it to next year's ticket fee.

3. Donate to the association that supports the Nishiwaki Fund without requesting refunds or changes.

This time, please select 1 to 3 when you apply for the ticket.

*2. We will contact you if the date and time change due to unavoidable circumstances. Refund procedures are also possible.


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2021.06.30 Maya Nishiwaki

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My husband, who worked as a certified accountant, died 35 years ago at the age of 48.

I thought it would have been a shame even though I was in full swing, so I decided to have him work for my husband, although it was a slight legacy.
I decided to make a scholarship to help young people who want to study but can't.
We made a scholarship especially for children who left the nursing home.
The amount of money per person is small, but I think that I will be a little conscious if it becomes a clue to choose to go on to higher education.
I hope that by gaining knowledge and skills, children will grow up to be confident in themselves, live and work in the future.

Thanks to everyone's cooperation, children are able to study at vocational schools and universities.
Ms. Makiko Miyauchi started the "Nishiwaki Fund Support Group" from October 1999, and Ms. Mari Hosoda started the "Nishiwaki Fund Cheering Party" from January 2019, and they are keeping the life of the fund. ..
Thanks to everyone's understanding and support, I am grateful to you for your continued support.
Thank you for your continued support.

2021. 6. 30 Maya Nishiwaki

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